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Revisiting Mythical Women 3 – Revisiting Eithliu

shownotesmachaEithliu is a figure who seems to pop in and out of stories, taking no notice of traditional story cycles, or even how her name is spelt. Yet she rarely takes a leading role.

In this “revisit”, we return to this enigmatic and sometimes troubling character from Irish mythology and folklore. With the benefit of three years hindsight, we crack some previously un-noticed nutshells and discover new and unexpected aspects to the Kernel aka the Glas Gabhann aka …

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As ever, there are several later episodes that relate to Eithliu in her many guises, and we refer to them as we go through the episode. Here are the links to those episodes, if you want to refresh your memory!

WARNING: Do not attempt all in one sitting! Story Archaeology will not accept responsibility for any damage to hearing or brain…

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