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Revisiting Mythical Women 05: The Search for Brigid

Sculpture by Annette McCormack in Kildare

Sculpture by Annette McCormack

Brigid is  the much-loved irish saint of kildare as well a pre-Christian Celtic mythical figure.  But what connection is there    between the two? Just who is Brigid? Sift through the strata of her story  with the Story Archaeologists to uncover some unexpected surprises.

Links to other  episodes  mentioned within the podcast.

Further Discussion on the Well of Sláine: Airmid Revisited  Further discussion on Ethliu: Ethliu Revisited Further discussion on Rúadán and the forge of Goibniu Also mentioned in the episode: Corpse Carrying for Beginners and The Cow and the Time Machine   Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest podcasts! By The Story Archaeologists. Music: “Tam Lin” by Gian Castello.

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