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Origin stories – revisited

Virtually all cultures have creation stories… There are two main types of creation myth: the cosmogenic, which is about the creation of the universe or the world; and those that concern the creation of human beings.  The stories of the creation of humans often comes in the same package as that of the creation of …

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How long can a story last?- revisited

Defining the longevity of information passed orally from group to group, and from generation to generation, is hard to quantify. Stories change and grow. Their sources become lost in the mists of time, and yet they continue to have significance. Back in 1998, “The Year of The French”, commemorating the bicentennial of the political events …

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REPOST: Don’t shout – Someone might hear you!

NOTE: This article was originally posted to accompany the episode Series 2: The Battle of Moytura – Episode 10: The Children of Tuirenn Part 2 – Three Shouts on a Hill.  These are some of the ideas that kicked off the current series dedicated to Dindshenchas! I am writing this article, or more accurately an …

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The Dindshenchas of Knowth – Cnogba

From the Metrical Dindshenchas, Volume 3, poem 4, pp 40 – 46 Edited by Edward Gwynn; Translated by Isolde Carmody Notes to the text appear at the end.  Terms with notes below are marked in bold.   Cnogba Fland Mac Lonnán cecinit. Fland Mac Lonnán chants:   1. Búa, ingen Rúadrach rúaid Búa, daughter of …

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The Dindshenchas of the Barrow River – Berba

From the Metrical Dindshenchas, Volume 2, poem 13, p. 62 Edited by Edward Gwynn Translation by Isolde Carmody Berba 1. In Berba búan a bailbe, The Barrow, lasting its silence, saiges dar slúag sen-Ailbe; which reaches across the host of old Ailbe is fis fedma fáth dia fail it is a duty of knowledge to …

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The Dindshenchas of Athleague – Áth Líac Find

From The Metrical Dindshenchas Volume 4, pp 36 – 43: Poems 11 & 12 edited by Edward Gwynn translated by Isolde Carmody These poems were posted as part of “More Poems about Sinann”, a companion article to Series 1: Mythical Women – Episode 1: The Story of Sinann. Any names or words with notes appear …

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Australian Dindshenchas ~ Pictures

In the podcast episode, Dindshenchas and Dreamtime, we used examples of Australian Aboriginal Creation Ancestor stories. To support the episode, I have placed a few of the photos I took while in and around Kakadu. For more pictures go to Narmagon is known as “Lightning Man”.  On one of his travels, he left his eye …

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Dindshenchas 02: Dindshenchas and Dreamtime

Mythic cartography is the art of mapping stories onto a living landscape.  In Ireland, these patterns are visible through the corpus of Dindshenchas poems and prose: in Australia, they have traditionally been painted onto rocks by the First Australians. Join the Story Archaeologists as they chart the Songlines and Storylines in these, environmentally differing, mythic map libraries. …

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Don’t shout. Someone might hear you! – A look back at the “Children of Tuirenn” from across the world.

 I am writing this article, or more accurately an addendum to the notes on ‘The Children of Tuireann’ article , in sunny Brisbane. However, I have just returned from a few days in Kakadu in the Northern Territories, a journey that left me thinking. I got to see a lot of estuarine crocodiles, often very …

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