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Series 5,episode 6: Encountering The Morrigan

Úa na gCait

Úa na gCait

The Morrigan,  is a multi textured mythological figure, She may take  the role of war correspondent, and diplomat and record keeper. She can be sensual, uncompromising and occasionally even downright scary but then, above all, she is the perfect exemplar of the poet’s skill.

Come an explore her fascinating complexity with the story archaeologists as they follow her track through the epic stories of the  Táin bó Cuailnge and the Battle of Moytura. Links for this episode

There is relevant material throughout the second series on Moytura, but three are especially connected with The Morrigan. See series 2, episode 4: ‘On the Dagda’s Track ,  series 2 episode 6: The Morrigan’s View (part 1) and series 2,episode 6 The Morrigan’s View (part 2)

We also mentioned her appearance to  Cú Chulainn in Series 3.episode : The Cow and the Time Machine.

There are also many , articles, texts and translations, connected to each of these  topics, on the website.

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