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Dindshenchas 08: The Further Adventures of Nera – The Cow and the Time Machine

Road sculpture, Táin Bó Cúailgne, Co Louth, photo by Paz

Road sculpture, Táin Bó Cúailgne, Co Louth, photo by Paz

In the context of Dindshenchas, we return to the fascinating tale, Echtrae Nerai / Táin Bó Aingene (“The Adventures of Nera / The Cattle Raid of Aingene“), which we dipped into in “Corpse Carrying For Beginners“.  When Nera returns from his adventures in the síd, he ends up with even more than a time-travel headache.

Join the Story Archaeologists as they try to unravel the threads of this closely-woven story.

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BThe Story Archaeologists.

Music: “Tam Lin” by Gian Castello.

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