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Category Archives: The Battle of Moytura 06: Amarc na Mór Rígna – The Morrigan’s View (Part 2)

A Jigsaw of Naming

In the podcast episode “The Morrigan’s view”, we were discussing the aftermath of the Battle of Moytura and the way Lóch, Imdech’s poet, is given, it seems, the honour of naming aspects of the  Dé Danann forces, especially the charioteers, their chariots, horses, and goads. To an extent, these lists are poetic, alliterative groupings, but …

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Omens Ordeals and Oracles: On Demons and Wepons in Early Irish Texts by Jacqueline Borsje

This article has been made available to us by kind permission of its author, Professor Jacqueline Borsje, University of Amsterdam and University of Ulster.  It was published in Peritia, the Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland, volume 13, 1999. Please do not re-use this content without the express permission of the author / publishers. …

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The Declaration of Peace

This is the poem spoken by Lóch Lethglas, the poet of Indéch Mac Dé Domnann, and is the third “request” he grants to Lug in return for peace.  It serves as a peace-treaty or declaration from the Fomoire.  There are certain similarities between this poem and the Mór Rígain’s vision of peace (see Poems of …

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Poems of the Morrigan

from Cath Maige Tuired, edited by Elizabeth Gray These translations were originally posted with Mythical Women episode 6: Encountering the Morrigan Poem A: Section 137, Lines 683 – 693 Translation by Isolde Carmody: Afraigid rig don cath Kings arise to [meet] the battle rucatair gruaide Cheeks are seized aisnethir rossa Faces [honours] are declared ronnatair feola, …

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The Banishment of Balor

It is then that Lug said: I may look small next to you, but I am the one who will choose the day of your death. And Balor replied: Now I see that in the germ of the seed that I planted lies the form of my own destruction. Lug replied: It is so, for …

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The Morrigan’s View

Then the Morrigan said … So it came to battle at the last. It came, at last, to red and slaughterous battle as it always has, and it always will. It came, at the last, to the calling of kings To the feats of feasting The feasts of poetic words The talking and taking of …

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The Battle of Moytura 06: Amarc na Mór Rígna – The Morrigan’s View (Part 2)

As the last sections of our saga are revealed, the overall picture of the Battle of Moytura emerges. The Morrigan, the poet and recorder of the Dé Danann, gives a raven’s-eye view of the battle. Explore some of the overlooked treasures of Cath Maige Tuired with the Story Archaeologists. Don’t forget to subscribe to get …

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