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The Declaration of Peace

This is the poem spoken by Lóch Lethglas, the poet of Indéch Mac Dé Domnann, and is the third “request” he grants to Lug in return for peace.  It serves as a peace-treaty or declaration from the Fomoire.  There are certain similarities between this poem and the Mór Rígain’s vision of peace (see Poems of the Morrigan, poem B).

The edition is from Elizabeth Gray, Cath Maige Tuired, although I have made some emendations regarding word divisions, and the line-breaks are mine, purely to facilitate reading.  The given title, “In Dáil n-Asdadha“, is translated by Gray as “The Decree of Fastening”.  I have translated it as “The Agreement of Restraint”, largely to give an alternate perspective on its function.

Lines 702 – 710, Section 141

[Lóch Lethglas speaks…]

Is ann cachain “In Dáil n-Asdadha” do Gaídelaib.

It is then he chanted “The Agreement of Restraint” for the Gaels.

Gébaid foss findgrinde,

The fair keenness / weapon-point will come to an end

descca doine

[the] dregs of people

doman tuircebat

they will restore the earth / they will raise up the depths

ceth torel aurblathaib

even though it perverted blossoms,

ticfait ioth sceo mblicht,

corn and milk will come,

morad indber,

increase of pastures,

ar mesaib marcainib

upon tree-fruits, [upon] fillies

dossuib drongaib darach

[upon] trees, [upon] crowds of oak,

o cridhiu i crib-cedhaib

from [the] heart, in swift consent

celar bron

grief is hidden

berar failti fira

men are welcomed

fo-m-cichet grian

the sun will proceed over me

glessaib saor-caomaib.

[by] free, precious means.

Sinaib serntar fir fletigib

Men are arranged [in] ancient feasting-halls

ailtiu astath-f- comfercca cridhiu.

for heart’s nourishing, restraint of mutual anger.


Celid Fomoire fairrcce, find-casrao,

The sea suppresses the Fomoire, white hail-showers,

sitt bitha banba

Ireland of long lives

echtguidi echtrann,

[is the] conditional plea [for? the] covenant of division [i.e. of the land].

& suthaine feraib finncluiche forbarsed ondiu, cobrath,

and long-lastingness [for] men, that fair games may grow from today, till the end of time,

bid sid ar Fomoire ind Ere.

It will be peace regarding the Fomoire in Ireland.


Isolde Carmody

January, 2013

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