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The Irish Abroad – an ongoing tradition

In our final Immrám episode, The Pursuit of the Gilla Decair – An Unofficial Fenian Immrám, we noticed that Goll, Oscar and Fergus FinnBhéoil [“Fair-Lips”] came up with a familiar strategy. Just like the Children of Tuirenn, Fergus suggests that they sneak into the court of Athens disguised as poets, right down to the hair-do!

The natural flaw in this plan is “And what if they ask us to give them a poem?”. This is what brought this ad to mind. It could so easily be Brian, Iuchar and Iucharba, or indeed Fergus FinnBhéoil, Goll and Oscar.

Here’s what the present-day raiders actually say in the ad:

“An bhfuil cead agam dul amach go dtí an leithreas?”

“May I go out to the toilet?”

“Agus madra rua”

“And a fox”

“Is maith liom cáca milis.”

“I like cake.”

“Cáca milis.”


“Agus Sharon Ní Bheoláin.”

“And Sharon Ní Bheoláin.” [Newsreader on Irish television.]

“Tá geansaí orm.”

“I am wearing a jumper.” [Literally; “There is a jumper on me.”] {“jumper” is Hiberno-English for “sweater” or “pullover”}

“Tá scamall sa spéir.”

“There is a cloud in the sky.”

“Tabhair dom an cáca milis.”

“Give me the cake.”

“Cáca milis.”


“Ciúnas. Bóthair. Cailín. Bainne.”

“Silence. Road. Girl. Milk.”





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