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The Mabinogion and the story of Rhiannon

Our podcast Macha – revisited refered to similarities between the tale of Rhiannon and Macha.  . You can read the full story of  Pwyll, son of Dyved and the story of Rhiannon  in a translation by Will Parker,  on his ecxcellent site A brief  background  to these medieval Welsh texts The stories, now known as …

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Rhiannon, meet Dubh Lacha – You have a lot in common!

The Prequel to the wedding of Pwyll and Rhiannon; from Mabinogi Pwyll Pwyll Peneuic, Lord of seven Cantrefs of Dyfed, goes hunting at Glyn Cuch and becomes separated from his companions. He hears the cries of a pack of hounds chasing a stag, but it is not his own hounds he hears. This pack is …

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Three shouts on a hill ~ Notes on the final task of the Children of Tuirenn

As we discussed in Episode 9, Lugh sets eight tasks for Brian and his brothers as an éric for the death of his father, Cian. He demands a series of marvelous items (see “Pleasing the King of Bling” for details). However, the final task is of a very different nature. Lugh cannot gain materially by the …

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