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Robin Williamson: Five Denials on Merlin’s Grave

Robin Williamson released 1997 When I was putting together my audio-article on story telling, I mentioned that I owed a debt of honour to the musician, story teller Robin Williamson. I also mentioned that I once owned an entire vinyl collection of Incredible String Band albums! (that was in another country and besides …..) I …

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Telling Stories : Continuing the Oral Tradition

Join Chris Thompson as she takes a story-teller’s view of the old Irish stories. Who told the and why were they so memorable.   In this audio article, Chris celebrates the old stories and explores the challenges in telling them today. For those who have asked me for ideas and advice on story telling generally, I …

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Australian Dindshenchas ~ Pictures

In the podcast episode, Dindshenchas and Dreamtime, we used examples of Australian Aboriginal Creation Ancestor stories. To support the episode, I have placed a few of the photos I took while in and around Kakadu. For more pictures go to Narmagon is known as “Lightning Man”.  On one of his travels, he left his eye …

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