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The Tabulated Immrama

The beautiful Broighter gold boat on a plain kitchen table While we were working on this series, Isolde thought that it might be helpful to create a table comparing all the islands and events of the four members of the set.  Not all the details of each story are present, but it is a useful aide memoire to use while listening to any episode in Series 4, We thought that it might be worth sharing, so here it is. It is a little cumbersome to  place directly into the blog but it can be readily downloaded or read on line as a PDF document. Just click on the link below.

Table of Immráma

And here are the links to available English translations of the four texts:

 Immrám Brain / The Voyage of Bran

Translated by Kuno Meyer:

Immrám Snedgussa ocus Mac Ríagla / The Voyage of Snedgus and Mac Ríagla

Translated by Whitley Stokes:

Immrám Uí Corra / The Voyage of the Uí Corra

Translated by Whitley Stokes:

Immrám Curaig Máel Dúin / The Voyage of Mael Duin’s Boat

Translated by Whitley Stokes, published in Revue Celtique, Vol. 9:

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