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The Dindshenchas of Dublin

Anna Livia: Sculpture by Éamonn O'Doherty

Anna Livia: Sculpture by Éamonn O’Doherty

This poem on Dublind (dub = “black”, lind = “pool”) was the second dindshenchas we discussed in Dindshenchas: A Magical Mystery Tour.  This version has been written for readability by Chris Thompson.  You can read Gwynn’s original translation here.


Metrical Dindshenchas, Volume 3

poem 11, pp 94-95

Ingen Roduib chaiss chalma

The bold and curly-haired daughter of Rodub,

maic Glais Gluair maic Glais Gamna,

Who was the son of Glas Gluar, the grandson of Glas Gamain,

ben Enda meic Nois co neim,

Was Enda’s wife: Enda, the son of the warrior, Nos

rogab in íathaib Etair.

Whose holding was in the meadowlands of Étar.


ba drúi, ba ban-fhile fíal

She knew the magic arts, she was a renowned poet

ingen Roduib co rind-níam,

was Rodub’s daughter, that stellar beauty;

ba fáith fri tairem cech thuir;

She was a seer and a singer of laments, fit for any chieftain,

rosbáid aided óen-urchuir.

Until a single shot brought her life to a close.


Ben dó co n-áibe fhinde

Enda had another wife, fair and lovely,

Áide ingen Ochinde:

Áide, who was the daughter of Ochind;

mac Cnucha cháil, charad guin,

He was the son of the wiry warrior Cnucha,

tuc trucha d’ ingin Roduib.

The one who cut the life of Dublind short.


Rogab ét ingen Roduib,

Rodub’s daughter then was filled with jealousy

nirbo shét co sobartain,

It was a path of action that boded ill.

diarchan bricht mara ar mucha,

When she sang a spell of the sea in the morning,

uair nír chara cáel-Chnucha.

Cnucha turned against her.


Rosrathaig Margin glan grind,

Margin,  alert and efficient, followed the woman,

gilla co n-ardréir Ochind,

As Ochind had commanded his squire to do;

focheird chaer cliss ar chonair,

Margin threw a missile cunningly, created from a  berry

diar’ briss ingen ríg Roduib.

Which hit  Rodub’s daughter and killed her dead.


Fuair bás in bidba rosort

Her assassin quickly found his own death

ó athair irgna étrocht;

At the hand of her powerful father:

bíth in find-bile ria fuin

Margin was slain before sunset

iar ndíth ingine Roduib. In.

On the same day that Dublind died.

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