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Thank you for helping Story Archaeology

craftpic1 A BIG thank you for supporting Story Archaeology. The podcast is a labour of love and your support helps us to feel that our on-going work is appreciated.

Your donations are very important to us, especially for Isolde.

As many of you know, Isolde has health issues that can make research slow and complicated. She has very limited vision, which explains the engaging guide dogs. The current one is a lively black lab named Ari. She is also largely confined to a wheelchair with a condition that leaves her painfully fatigued.

Your donations are providing money for research aids that are allowing her to continue her painstaking work. recently, thanks to our many supporters, she has been able to purchase some especially designed software to help her scan and read books not available in a digital format.

A braille viewer is still on the wish list.


  1. Thank you two so much for your work. What you do is incredibly meaningful to me. The combination of your impressive scholarship and your sense of humor is so refreshing! Through you I’ve learned that the old Irish myths and stories are not dry and serious like in many other European traditions – they can be downright funny, as well as deeply beautiful.

    I see that you haven’t posted a podcast in a while, and I sure do miss hearing your voices! What you can do despite your limitations is so impressive, Isolde! I am partially disabled too, so I greatly admire people who do beautiful things in the world even with significant limitations. I would love to help in any way that I can!

    Hope to hear another podcast soon!

    Be well, Mica :)

  2. Nadine

    Your podcast has been so nurturing for me and my family. When I first discovered it, I felt as if I had stumbled upon a treasure chest and that feeling only grows with each episode. I have been so inspired be the audacity of your vision and the precision of your scholarship. What a brilliant, magnificent idea! I knew nothing about Irish stories at the beginning of listening and I have hungrily and greedily listened to every word. I can only hope that the both of you had the good fortune to stumble upon a bounty such as what you offer. To borrow a phrase from Jeannine Parvati Baker your “word tinctures” have been such a powerful force in my life. I am so grateful to both of you.
    Dear Isolde, I am so sorry to hear of your health issues. That you can be so magnificent despite it all is sheer bravery and pluck. If I could be as Dian Cecht, I would. May you have many knowledgable druids in your life. All blessings to you.

  3. John

    Thank you for bringing the old myths to life. I especially appreciate how you connect them to real life places. God bless the both of you.

  4. Fiona Nic Giolla Cheara

    Gday, i would like 2thank you 4all your podcasts. I understand that you do this off your own backs as a gift to the world. When i win lotto i come over and sort you both out till then i hope my small donation will help. If you started a patreon account i will support and i know alot of other Irish Pagans would aswell. Once again thk u 4keeping the Irish Myths alive mo chara.

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