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The Text of Immram Brain Part 2: Manannan’s Poem and the Prophecy of Mongan

Here is the second part of the text of Immram Brain, as edited by Séamus Mac Mathúna.  The translation is based on that of Kuno Meyer, although where my translation differs significantly from his, I have included his translation in brackets. For Chris Thompson’s rendition of part of the poem, see Manannán’s Prophecy of Mongán. …

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Manannán’s Prophecy of Mongán

From the poem of Manannán Mac Lír in Immrám Bran:   Manannán speaks:   You see me here. I stand before you As I approach the mortal world. I will come to the woman who waits in Moy-linney; I will come, at last, to her own home.   For I, Manannán of the line of …

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Rowing Around Immrama 09: Mongan and His Missus

  In our very first Immrám, Immrám Bran, we met Manannán on his way to beget a wonder-child, Mongán. Now that we’ve finished rowing around the open seas, we’ve returned to dry land to find out what happened next. What we’ve found is one of the funniest stories we’ve ever looked at! So strap in …

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