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A Jigsaw of Naming

In the podcast episode “The Morrigan’s view”, we were discussing the aftermath of the Battle of Moytura and the way Lóch, Imdech’s poet, is given, it seems, the honour of naming aspects of the  Dé Danann forces, especially the charioteers, their chariots, horses, and goads. To an extent, these lists are poetic, alliterative groupings, but …

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The Declaration of Peace

This is the poem spoken by Lóch Lethglas, the poet of Indéch Mac Dé Domnann, and is the third “request” he grants to Lug in return for peace.  It serves as a peace-treaty or declaration from the Fomoire.  There are certain similarities between this poem and the Mór Rígain’s vision of peace (see Poems of …

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