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Midwinter Special: The Craneskin Bag – A Santa’s Sack of Gifts from Irish Mythology

Baltray Winter Solstice sunrise 2008 at the standing stones - 636 × 426 - Search by image ... from the Irish Sea shortly after 8.38am at dawn on Winter Solstice 2008.

Winter Solstice sunrise at Baltray from the standing stones, with the Iron Age gold boat from the Broighter hoard

Long before Santa’s sack was filled with seasonal gifts, Manannán Mac Lír had a wonderful craneskin bag full of magical treasures, which he frequently gave to those he favoured.

But what will the Story Archaeologists pull out of the bag? Some unusual pets, a mythical Swiss Army knife and a Holy Grail.

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By The Story Archaeologists.

Music: “Tam Lin” by Gian Castello.

And featuring “A Shaolin Monk for Christmas” by Mister Stick.

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