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Midwinter Special 2015 – Fair’s Fair

Illustration of Iron Age warrior in modern craft fair

This time of year is a frenzy of shopping, family gatherings and exchange of gifts. But is this simply a modern phenomenon?

For this year’s MidWinter Special, the Story Archaeologists dig as deep as their virtual spades will go, comparing the deepest layers of human settlement through medieval mayhem to the contemporary craft fair, searching for the common threads.

Links from the Episode:

Here is The Óenach Project, research conducted by Patrick Gleeson under the Department of Archaeology at University College Cork.

Here is a talk given by Ian Hodder on entanglement at Göbekli and Çatalhöyük, “Origins of Settled Life“.

And finally, as promised in the episode, here’s a link to a short animation, “Little Red Riding Hood: The Alternate Version” by An Snag Breac / Maker Magpie:


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by The Story Archaeologists

Music: “Tam Lin” by Gian Castello

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