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Welcome to our new site!

As our regular subscribers will know, we are in the process of moving the hosting for Story Archaeology. It may look the same (in fact, we hope it looks very familiar!), but it’s all the worky-bits in the background that have changed.

There are bound to be teething problems, so please Don’t Panic!! If something on the site doesn’t work the way it should, there are two easy steps you can take:

Step 1: Contact us – the e-mail address StoryArchaeologists[at]GMail[dot]Com is probably the most reliable way to do this.

Step 2: Come back to the site in a day or two. If it still isn’t working properly, please let us know!

It’s all a bit scary for us, especially as there will be problems we can’t predict! Here are some of the issues that might arise:

  • If you subscribe via iTunes, there shouldn’t be any changes to your subscription. In fact, it was recent problems with our iTunes feed that woke us up to the need for the change. Thanks to our listeners who brought our attention to this!
  • If you get updates via e-mail, you may need to re-subscribe after the 1st May. We’re not sure yet how this will work, so please bear with us while we figure it out! However, if you experience problems after re-subscribing, please get in touch to let us know – we may not find the problem otherwise! Our e-mail will still be StoryArchaeologists[at]GMail[dot]Com
  • If you “Follow” us via WordPress, you may or may not need to re-subscribe after the 1st May. We’re moving our hosting, but we’ll still be using WordPress. Again, we just don’t know whether you will automatically keep following us.


We hope this doesn’t cause too much disruption, but we feel it will be worth it in the long run!

Thanks for your patience!

Isolde and Chris

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