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The Dindshenchas of the Barrow River – Berba

From the Metrical Dindshenchas, Volume 2, poem 13, p. 62 Edited by Edward Gwynn Translation by Isolde Carmody Berba 1. In Berba búan a bailbe, The Barrow, lasting its silence, saiges dar slúag sen-Ailbe; which reaches across the host of old Ailbe is fis fedma fáth dia fail it is a duty of knowledge to …

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Dindshenchas 02: Dindshenchas and Dreamtime

Mythic cartography is the art of mapping stories onto a living landscape.  In Ireland, these patterns are visible through the corpus of Dindshenchas poems and prose: in Australia, they have traditionally been painted onto rocks by the First Australians. Join the Story Archaeologists as they chart the Songlines and Storylines in these, environmentally differing, mythic map libraries. …

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