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The Landscape of a Story ~ notes to accompany the podcast episode

Notes intended to be read as an accompaniment to the podcast episode As we mentioned in the podcast, examining the story of Moytura is somewhat like staring into the reflecting levels of a lake. You may focus your vision on the ripple-transformed surface or look deeper into the shadowed depths for hidden treasures. Observing and …

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How to Get Help from a Craftsman

There are a number of intriguing Irish texts which can only be described as spells or charms, and they still lie in great obscurity, despite calls for attention from Kuno Meyer nearly 100 years ago, and from Dr. John Carey in his excellent article in 2000 (Léachtaí Cholm Cille, issue 30). There are two “charms” …

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The Judgements of the Four Craftsmen

Throughout this part of our discussion of Cath Maige Tuired, we have talked of the four craftsmen: Dían Cécht, the physician; Goibniu the smith; Luchta the wright; and Creidne Cérd the brazier.  This might be surprising, considering that the latter three so often appear together, and only rarely with Dían Cécht, who is more usually …

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Mythical Women 04: The Story of Airmed

Airmed is the daughter of the great Dé Danann physician, Dían Cécht.  Together, they created the healling well of Sláine, which restored injured warriors at the Second Battle of Moytura.  But do their names tell a different story? Dig deeper through etymology in conversation with the Story Archaeologists. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the …

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Airmed’s Story

Airmed The green grey morning is soft with mist. Airmed sits on the soft earth of the mound, her yellow cloak spread empty before her covering the damp earth. All around her lie green herbs, no longer fresh and growing for they were harvested in hope and are now scattered in sadness. Airmed gathers the …

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