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Noínden Ulad – The Story of Macha

Edited by Vernam Hull, Celtica 8 (1968), pp 1-42. Translation by Isolde Carmody. Annotated terms are marked in bold, with the notes at the end of the text. §1 Cid dia mboí in ces for Ultaib? Ni ansae From what [cause] was the debility on the Ulstermen? Not hard.

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The Story of Macha

Near Armagh is the green mound of mysterious Emain Macha. This is the story of its naming. In my mind I still hear the rhythmic drumming of many hooves, the thrumming of the autumn rain. The soughing of breathing beasts, wind in the pasture grass. Flashes of colour, the crimson and gold of my goods …

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Mythical Women 02: The Story of Macha

Macha gives her name to Emain Macha (Navan Fort, the seat of the Ulster kings) and to Armagh.  She is also remembered for racing the king’s horses and cursing the Ulstermen.  Why should a woman about to give birth be forced into a contest against race-horses? Explore this fantastical myth in relation to Early Irish …

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