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Midwinter Special: The Craneskin Bag – A Santa’s Sack of Gifts from Irish Mythology

Long before Santa’s sack was filled with seasonal gifts, Manannán Mac Lír had a wonderful craneskin bag full of magical treasures, which he frequently gave to those he favoured. But what will the Story Archaeologists pull out of the bag? Some unusual pets, a mythical Swiss Army knife and a Holy Grail. Don’t forget to subscribe to …

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Lunacy at Lughnasagh – Our Lughnasagh Celebrations

The Lughnasagh games The Lughnasagh (or Lughasad / Lúnasa / Lughnasadh…) games, inaugurated by Lugh in honour of his foster mother, may be of as  old a lineage as the Olympic games. Twenty one years ago, I thought it might be a good idea to create our own modern version of the games on my own …

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Notes on the Festival of Lughnasagh

The subject of Lughnasagh is worthy of  a whole podcsst  episode on its own, as are any of the traditional Irish festivals.  We may well examine these these in more detail sometime in the future. In essence, however, Lughnasagh is a festival that marks an important phase in the agrarian year.  It is the close …

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