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The Leather Cauldron

When Isolde and I were preparing to record the episode focussing on the Dagda and his Moytura stories, we knew that  the podcast would be published  in Christmas week. Perhaps this coloured our thinking a little, but when you have a fat jolly man who gloriously indulges in overeating and drinking, who is related to …

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The Fisher King

The Fisher King is a figure closely associated with the Arthurian cycle and, more directly, with the legends of the search for the Grail. A discussion on the development and varying source materials for the stories is beyond the scope of this article, but similar motifs and character types appear in each version, the main …

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Four Cities, Four Teachers, Four Treasures

There is much curiosity surrounding the four cities and teachers named in the opening lines of Cath Maige Tuired.  The names are archaic-sounding, with their -ias endings.  The “cities” do not seem identifiable with any geographic location, ancient or modern.  And aside from this brief appearance, the “teachers” are never heard from again. However, the …

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