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Stories and Activities with Children 6: Irish story picture gallery

What might King Fergus have worn? What was an Iron-age roundhouse like? What was a hero’s chariot made of? What about that ‘Cave of the Cats? What does it look like now?

I thought I might put up a page of images to help answer these questions and lots more. I hope these pictures help to make the stories more easy to imagine.

A Roundhouse from Butser ancient farm.
Rathcroghan mound today
This is what Cruachan may have looked like in the time of the stories
This is how some of our heroes might have looked
Úa na gCait
Úa na gCait, the Cave of the Cat, near Cruachan today
Heroes and chariot

More pictures will be added later. I am happy to add any pictures drawn by children in your family.

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