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Stories and Activities with Children 2: A Family Project Pack

This project pact can be explored by one child, a group, for example, siblings together or even as a family activity. There are opportunities for design activities, imaginative writing in a variety of styles and suggestions for further research.

The Adventures of Fergus Mac Leite

The best introduction to this topic is to watch one of the video story sessions: Fergus Mac Leite, Airthine the Unsociable or the audio story Bricriu’s Feast

The pack is divided into six different topics connected to the theme. Each topic has one PDF information sheet to read together and a connected activity sheet. You can download them all though the links below

Download topic 1: Waterbeasts . Information sheet and Activity page

Download topic 2: Become Queen (or King) Information sheet and Activity page

Download topic 3: Land Under Wave . Information sheet and Activity page

Download topic 4: Otherworld Islands . Information sheet and Activity page

Download topic 5: Heroes . Information sheet andActivity page

Download topic 6: Poets and Story-tellers . Information sheet Activity page 1

Go on to explore the old poet writing Ogham with Activity page2a and Activity page 2b

Have fun and please feel free to send me your stories and pictures . I will be happy to send you more ideas, I can include a gallery page on the site.

There will be more videos and things to do very seen. So, join in the Irish Hero stories ‘Stories at Home’ project. Stay safe and have fun!

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