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References for Episode 12

In the episode, we referred to a passage in the introduction to Elizabeth Gray’s Irish Texts Society edition of Cath Maige Tuired [page 19 of the print edition].  If you have been reading the text on CELT, it doesn’t include the introduction. So below is a list of the sections she cites containing the Old Irish preterite form. Numbers refer to the sections in the translation:

  • 15-24, Bres’s conception;
  • 26-32 The Dagda’s labour for Bres;
  • 36-37 Ogma’s labour, Bres’s conditional sovereignty and
  • 75-83 Lug’s first review of Tuatha De Danann contributions to battle;
  • 84-87 The Dagda’s meeting with the Morrigan;
  • 97-119 Lug’s second muster;
  • 149-160 Bres’s ransoming of his life;
  • 163-165 recovery of the Dagda’s harp and cattle tribute;
  • 166-167 The Morrigan’s proclamation of victory.


We also refer throughout the episode to discussions in previous episodes.  We were speaking from memory, so we made have made some errors regarding episode numbers!  Here are the links to episodes from Series 1: Mythical Women and Series 2: The Battle of Moytura:



Happy listening!


Isolde Carmody

April ’13

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