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Please be patient. Two new episodes are on their way

Young Humpback of Morton Island, QueenslandHi to all Story Archaeology friends. Chris here. I just wanted to apologise for the delay in publishing our next podcast episodes. Two were recorded in August and are awaiting editing. The first is the very exciting Immráma style journey of Tadhg, son of Cian. This, little known text proved to be an unexpected literary gem of a story with a great deal of humour stashed away in its tongue-in-cheek content. Researching and recording this text turned out to be great fun. The second podcast episode awaiting editing is one of my favourite ‘story-telling’ stalwarts, the story of Cormac’s Cup. We uncover some intriguing, perhaps even shocking, story-archaeological finds in this episode.. So why the delay? Well I am the other side of the world, in Brisbane, during September, visiting family but also taking time to explore the rich vein of stories to be found here with days off for such activities as whale watching and sampling the events of the Brisbane arts Festival. Meanwhile Isolde is struggling with a computer on its last legs (or final pixels) and is also occupied rehearsing her ‘One Woman’ play ‘Mamo’, which has its first performance at the Dock, Arts Centre in Carrick next Friday (13th) Isolde will be publishing both episodes as soon as possible after the event.. So please be patient with us. There will be a satisfying double helping available very soon.

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