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The Irish Abroad – an ongoing tradition

In our final Immrám episode, The Pursuit of the Gilla Decair – An Unofficial Fenian Immrám, we noticed that Goll, Oscar and Fergus FinnBhéoil [“Fair-Lips”] came up with a familiar strategy. Just like the Children of Tuirenn, Fergus suggests that they sneak into the court of Athens disguised as poets, right down to the hair-do! …

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Don’t shout. Someone might hear you! – A look back at the “Children of Tuirenn” from across the world.

 I am writing this article, or more accurately an addendum to the notes on ‘The Children of Tuireann’ article , in sunny Brisbane. However, I have just returned from a few days in Kakadu in the Northern Territories, a journey that left me thinking. I got to see a lot of estuarine crocodiles, often very …

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Pleasing the “King-of-Bling!” ~ Notes on the tasks of the Sons of Tuireann

Lugh is, of course, well within his rights to ask for a high éric, an honour price for the murder of his father, Cian. However, in this story, which clearly reflects Classical influences, Lugh intends the collection of the quest items to cost the lives of Brian and his brothers. Lugh hopes that the brothers …

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The Battle of Moytura 09: The Children of Tuirenn 1 – The King of Bling (Part 2)

In the Early Modern Irish tale, “The Fate of the Children of Tuirenn”, Lugh prepares to take on the might of the Fomoire hosts, seemingly single-handed. But he will need some very special weapons for this task, along with the help of Clann Manannáin, the “Fairy Cavalcade”. As this epic “Sorrow of Irish Storytelling” serves …

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