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Midsummer Midnight Skies over Leitrim

In the podcast episode, we mentioned how bright the night skies can be, here in Leitrim, even at midnight. The sun does not go far down behind the horizon then, and even at midnight the sun glow is still visible. It is easy to imagine that there is some wonderful city casting its light into …

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The Romano-British temple to Nodens at Lydney Park

I have never visited Lydney Park in Gloucestershire so I cannot give a personal impression of the complex. However, the site is very relevant to any exploration of Nuada. There are definite etymological connections between the British Nodens, the Welsh Lludd (Nudd) and the Irish Nuada. Descriptions of the temple complex given below are largely …

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The Fisher King

The Fisher King is a figure closely associated with the Arthurian cycle and, more directly, with the legends of the search for the Grail. A discussion on the development and varying source materials for the stories is beyond the scope of this article, but similar motifs and character types appear in each version, the main …

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Four Cities, Four Teachers, Four Treasures

There is much curiosity surrounding the four cities and teachers named in the opening lines of Cath Maige Tuired.  The names are archaic-sounding, with their -ias endings.  The “cities” do not seem identifiable with any geographic location, ancient or modern.  And aside from this brief appearance, the “teachers” are never heard from again. However, the …

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Cath Maige Tuired – Sections 1 – 14

Edition: Elizabeth Gray Translation: Elizabeth Gray [Isolde Carmody] This text and its published translation are made available by kind permission of CELT, the Corpus of Electronic Texts, at University Colege Cork: We will not always put the full text here on our blog, and we recommend that you read Gray’s edition, or better still, …

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The Story of Nuada

Nuada stared into a palm of silver, a cupped pool reflecting a refracted and shattered image of his frowning face. He held the hand up before him, flexed his fingers and five silver rays flared like a crown around his image. So it worked to his will then. It was more than a magnificent glove. …

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The Battle of Moytura 01: Echtrae Nuadat – The Adventures of Nuada

Nuada Láim Argait, the merchant king with the Silver Arm, leads his people in wisdom and strategy for much of the saga of the Second Battle of Moytura.  He is widely regarded as cognate with the British Celtic god Nodens.  So when and how, mythologically speaking, did he come to Ireland? This first episode of …

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