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The Dagda’s Cauldron ~ A Seasonal Special!


The Dagda with his cauldron of abundance, from which none leave unsatisfied, epitomises the deep and ancient yearning we  feel for mid-winter indulgence and  good company.  It may be that the cauldron had more to offer than just a solid meal. Join Chris, from the Story Archaeologists, as she dips into this extravagant cooking pot.

This audio article is based on a piece published in the new book Harp, Club and Cauldron: A harvest of Knowledge published by Eel and Otter Press. It is an entrancing and informative anthology, well worth adding to your physical or digital library and the Story Archaeologists were proud to be asked to offer three articles to the book.

I will be adding further picture articles connected to The Dagda’s Cauldron article: .(Images of Gobekli Tepe and information on recent Iron age Feasting finds), shortly.

 Harp, Club and Cauldron A harvest of Knowledge:

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Addendum: I haven’t checked but I think I referred to the German archaeologist who was responsible for the dig at Gobekli Tepe, for so many years, as ‘George’  rather than ‘Klaus’ Schmidt. I can’t imagine why I said that. Klaus Schmidt sadly died in 2014.

Music: “Tam Lin” by Gian Castello

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