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The Instructions of King Cormac

“O Cormac, grandson of Conn,” said Cairbre, “what are the dues of a chief and of an ale-house?” “Not hard to tell,” said Cormac. “Good behaviour around a good chief Lights to lamps Exerting oneself for the company A proper settlement of seats Liberality of dispensers A nimble hand at distributing Attentive service Music in …

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Rowing Around Immrama 08 – The Shocking Revelations Concerning King Cormac Mac Airt

King Cormac Mac Airt is often called “The Irish Solomon”. But was this legendary king quite the wise old judge suggested by that epithet? Find out with the Story Archaeologists in this long-awaited – and lon-running! – 2 hour dig for truth and justice.   Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest posts! Related …

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