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Category Archives: The Battle of Moytura 07: Reflections of Moytura (Part 1)

Stories in the Landscape ~ Accompanying Map

The main events of the saga of Moytura are mapped onto this image of Ireland. There are too many events happening in the region around Lough Arrow, on the plateau where the battle takes place. When the story is mapped like this it is clear how much Moytura truly is a story in a landscape. …

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The Landscape of a Story ~ notes to accompany the podcast episode

Notes intended to be read as an accompaniment to the podcast episode As we mentioned in the podcast, examining the story of Moytura is somewhat like staring into the reflecting levels of a lake. You may focus your vision on the ripple-transformed surface or look deeper into the shadowed depths for hidden treasures. Observing and …

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The Battle of Moytura 07: Reflections of Moytura – The Landscape of a Story (Part 1)

Now that we have the entire saga before us, we can take a step back and see what shapes and patterns emerge.  Is the saga a patchwork of tales with unnecessary repetition, or is there some significance to all its duplications and reflections? Enter the realm of Experimental Story Archaeology in the first episode to …

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