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The Old Irish stories have a lot to offer. They are exciting stories full of magic, humour, a fair bit of conflict and some unexpected twists. Many of their central characters are complex superheroes every bit as skilled as Spiderman, Batman or Wonder Woman.- You may even heard of a few of the most famous heroes, Fionn MacCumhail or Cú Chulainn, but many of the lesser known stories are hard to find, especially in versions attractive to a younger audience.

This project introduces some of these stories to a family audience. You will find both as video and audio tellings. A wide range of creative writing, design, art and research opportunities with fully downloadable ‘printables’. are also available. Please chose from the menu below,

Links to all Project Posts

Stories and Activities 1: Bricriu’s feast: An audio story and animated film

Stories and Activities 2: This post offers two video stories, Airthine the Unsociable and Fergus Mac Leite , This page also opens a family project pack with five different choices of topic, There are information sheets and activity sheets to suit a range of activities, including design, research, creative writing and more

Stories and Activities 3: This post offers a further Video story, Fionn and Conan Maol

Stories and Activities 4: Become an Irish hero poet, Fun ideas for story making, The ideas are suitable for individual children, siblings together or the whole family

Stories and Activities 5: The Two Poet Pig keepers, an audio may not have heard before. It is another story about the magic of the Old Irish story-teller poets

Stories and Activities 6: Background to the stories, Pictures and Places

Older children and young adults may well enjoy exploring stories and other content from the main Story Archaeology catalogue.

I would be happy to hear from you and to offer feedback on any poems, stories and designs. You can contact me through this website. I would love to create a ‘Stories at Home’ gallery,


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