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How to Get Help from a Craftsman

There are a number of intriguing Irish texts which can only be described as spells or charms, and they still lie in great obscurity, despite calls for attention from Kuno Meyer nearly 100 years ago, and from Dr. John Carey in his excellent article in 2000 (Léachtaí Cholm Cille, issue 30). There are two “charms” …

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The Importance of the Source

When I chose to study Early Irish, the principal reason was so that I could read the Irish stories and poetry that I so loved in their original language.  As a student of literature and philosophy, I knew that translation meant interpretation.  Being both cynical and a control freak, I wanted to remove the filter …

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Mythical Women 01: The Story of Sinann

Sinann is the mythological source of the river Shannon, the longest river in Ireland.  But who is she, and how far back does her story go?  Was she a wayward girl, or the flower of her people and bringer of deep poetic inspiration? Delve into the original Irish texts in conversation with the Story Archaeologists. …

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