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Revisiting Mythical Women 2 – Revisiting Macha

In the second of our “revisits”, we look back at our discussions on Noinden Ulaid and the Dindshenchas stories of Emain Macha in Co. Armagh. This was the first discussion that we had about cóir, although we were then using the Egyptian term Ma’at, signifying natural order and justice. Reviewing this episode really highlights how …

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Special: Trees and Ogham – When is a tree not a tree?

 An Acallam na nÉces Special Many people are familiar with the “Tree Alphabet” or even “Tree Calendar” derived from the ancient Irish Ogham script.  But is this barking up the wrong tree?  Is this really what Ogham was created for? Peel back the compacted layers of 19th century romanticism and Medieval reconstruction with the Story …

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