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Revisiting Mythical Women. 4: Revisiting Airmed.

Airmed is the daughter of the great Dé Danann physician, Dían Cécht, part of a family of healers.  Together, they create the healing well of Sláine, which restores injured warriors at the Second Battle of Moytura.  But do the meanings of their names tell a different story? In our  revisit to what may seem at …

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The Dindshenchas of Inber Ailbine: Gormanston, Co. Dublin

In Dindshenchas: A Magical Mystery Tour, we linked the characters and themes in this poem with two characters from Cath Maige Tuired, “The Battle of Moytura“.  We explored connections between Rúad in this poem and Rúadán in Cath Maige Tuired, and his father, Rígdonn, with Rúadán’s father Bres.  We have discussed Rúadán’s story in Series …

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Étaín, Eithliu, Vessels and Rebirth

In order to gain some insight into the significance of Étaín, her role and her manner of rebirth, we shall look at related themes as they appear in different sagas. This essay is in two parts – the second part will be published after we have reached the end of The Wooing of Étaín in …

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The Dindshenchas of Carn Hill, Co. Longford – Carn Furbaide

Carn Furbaide, the cairn of Furbaide Fer Benn son of Conchobar and Eithne Úathach,  seems to be on Carn Hill in Co. Longford, a proverbial stone’s throw from Midir’s sid on Brí Leith / Ardagh Hill.  (See Hogan’s Onomasticon Goedelicum, Letter C). As ever, terms with notes below are in bold, and the notes are …

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REPOST: Don’t shout – Someone might hear you!

NOTE: This article was originally posted to accompany the episode Series 2: The Battle of Moytura – Episode 10: The Children of Tuirenn Part 2 – Three Shouts on a Hill.  These are some of the ideas that kicked off the current series dedicated to Dindshenchas! I am writing this article, or more accurately an …

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The Dindshenchas of Knowth – Cnogba

From the Metrical Dindshenchas, Volume 3, poem 4, pp 40 – 46 Edited by Edward Gwynn; Translated by Isolde Carmody Notes to the text appear at the end.  Terms with notes below are marked in bold.   Cnogba Fland Mac Lonnán cecinit. Fland Mac Lonnán chants:   1. Búa, ingen Rúadrach rúaid Búa, daughter of …

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Don’t shout. Someone might hear you! – A look back at the “Children of Tuirenn” from across the world.

 I am writing this article, or more accurately an addendum to the notes on ‘The Children of Tuireann’ article , in sunny Brisbane. However, I have just returned from a few days in Kakadu in the Northern Territories, a journey that left me thinking. I got to see a lot of estuarine crocodiles, often very …

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References for Episode 12

In the episode, we referred to a passage in the introduction to Elizabeth Gray’s Irish Texts Society edition of Cath Maige Tuired [page 19 of the print edition].  If you have been reading the text on CELT, it doesn’t include the introduction. So below is a list of the sections she cites containing the Old Irish …

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The Proto-Story – A Speculation

And the Morrigan spoke at last. “The time will soon be upon us, and unrest will not pass us by.  The leader of our people will be fatally blemished. Núada will be wounded in heart and hand. No longer will he hold golden prosperity within his grasp.” The Dagda grinned. “Dían Cécht will make him …

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The Battle of Moytura 12: An Experiment In Story Archaeology (Part 2)

We have dug down as far as we can go in this Story Archaeology dig of Cath Maige Tuired.  We’ve studied the landscape, examined related stories, collected linguistic potsherds. So what are we left with? For the last episode in “The Battle of Moytura” series, the Story Archaeologists engage in some experimental story archaeology. What …

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