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Rowing Around Immrama 11: The Mongan Mysteries – Some Poetic Fragments

In our third and final episode on the lost hero, Mongán, we piece together some intriguing potsherds. What has the son of Manannán to say to Saint Colm Cille? What happened when he had his “Frenzy”? Can we re-construct his death-tale, Aided Mongáin? Join the Story Archaeologists as they look for edges and corners in …

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Three shouts on a hill ~ Notes on the final task of the Children of Tuirenn

As we discussed in Episode 9, Lugh sets eight tasks for Brian and his brothers as an éric for the death of his father, Cian. He demands a series of marvelous items (see “Pleasing the King of Bling” for details). However, the final task is of a very different nature. Lugh cannot gain materially by the …

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