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A Craneskin Bag of Downloadables

This is a page that will grow. It will contain a mixed bag of materials to download. All the downloads will be freely available, although we will not say no to a donation from time to time. All donations will go to very much needed technology upgrades to help get the Story Archaeology podcast and supporting articles to you more efficiently.

Isolde will be adding her own ‘downloadables shortly.

1. Materials for use with children and young people

In my work with children and family groups, in libraries and schools, i take every opportunity to share some of the rich treasures of Irish story. I offer a story show for the eights and over which are introduced with costumes and props – a bronze mirror, sword, cauldron, and so on – to set the stories in context. A favourite prop is a wonderful and huge curved animal  horn that produces the most amazing noise. Getting it to sound makes a popular champion’s portion challenge in any show and is great fun. I am intending to upload a few of the stories from this and other shows as audio files. To start with, I am making available some short (1500 word) plays for the primary age range.  These are ideal for the primary school classroom. as they are extremely easy to stage and have plenty of available roles. They also have the advantage of introducing children to some of the lesser known stories in an appropriate form

Bricriu’s Feast


Download play: Bricriu’s Feast

This play tells a small part of a much longer saga but is entertaining in its own right.

The Tale of Conan Maol


Download play: The Tale of Conan Maol

This is a fun version of one of my favourite stories of Finn and the Fianna

Sinann, the Story of a River

The Shannon Pot

Download play: Sinann

This is my retelling of the story  of the River Shannon. It is part based on the Metrical Dindshenchas and part O’Curry but I find it is a very popular story and has a central female role.

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